We have been listening and learning about how as a store we can best stand with and support our Black friends, colleagues, and the Black community as a whole.  Our first step is to amplify Black voices.  

We read a wonderful article by one of our favorite authors, Nic Stone, and her words resonated with us:

“As we read all the race and racism books, we must also read books about Black people — especially Black children — just … living. … Because the more we see Black people living — loving and doing and being and feeling and going on adventures and solving mysteries and being the heroes — the more we come to recognize our shared humanity.”

Nic Stone

With this in mind we have created collections of books written by Black authors and illustrated by Black Illustrators.   You can view our online collection by visiting our Bookshop.org store page (link below) or contact the store for suggestions.

These titles are just the tip of the iceberg.  There are so many amazing books out there for all readers to discover. Because what you read matters. Black Lives Matter.

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