One of a Kind Event with Gayle Forman
Celebrating the Release of We Are Inevitable

June 24th at 7pm
Live on our Facebook Page and YouTube Channel

“No one writes about love like Gayle Forman. Lose yourself in her passionate mash note to rock music, indie bookstores and best of all, the miracles that can happen when you take chances on other people.” E. LOCKHART, #1 New York Times bestselling author of We Were Liars and Again Again

We Are Inevitable
Gayle Forman
Available June 1, 2021

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All attendees to this event will be eligible to win a $100 Children’s Book World gift card as part of the “We Are Irreplaceable” independent bookstore campaign.

Gayle Forman has partnered with BINC and Penguin Young Readers to donate a portion of the first week’s sales to BINC’s “Survive to Thrive fundraising campaign that supports independent bookstores across the country.

The first 20 people to pre-order will be invited to a Private Pre-event Virtual Party with Gayle.

You can get this special pin by pre-ordering from an indie— and on top of that, you will be buying a book about the importance of indie bookstores from an indie bookstores, so you’ll get karma points, too!

We Are Inevitable
by Gayle Forman
Books will be available on their release date of June 1.
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About the Book:

Aaron Stein used to think books were miracles. But not anymore. Even though he spends his days working in his family’s secondhand bookstore, the only book Aaron can bear to read is one about the demise of the dinosaurs. It’s a predicament he understands all too well, now that his brother and mom are gone and his friends have deserted him, leaving Aaron and his shambolic father alone in a moldering bookstore in a crusty mountain town where no one seems to read anymore.

So when Aaron sees the opportunity to sell the store, he jumps at it, thinking this is the only way out. But he doesn’t account for Chad, a “best life” bro with a wheelchair and way too much optimism, or the town’s out-of-work lumberjacks taking on the failing shop as their pet project. And he certainly doesn’t anticipate meeting Hannah, a beautiful, brave musician who might possibly be the kind of inevitable he’s been waiting for.

All of them will help Aaron to come to terms with what he’s lost, what he’s found, who he is, and who he wants to be, and show him that destruction doesn’t inevitably lead to extinction; sometimes it leads to the creation of something entirely new.