Book Fairs

We realize that times have changed and, like many other things, the traditional in-school book fair might not work for you this year.

Therefore, this fall in addition to CBW’s usual in-school book fair we are offering several options that have less contact and still get great books into the hands of your students — while earning money or store credit for your school.

We encourage schools to move up their book fair dates due to the uncertainty of the pandemic’s progress as we enter fall and winter. No one can tell the future, but scheduling your book fair earlier might be prudent, as it will allow for more flexibility. If you intend to move up your book fair date, please let us know as soon as possible — deadline for scheduling Fall Book Fairs is September 15th.

Children’s Book World will still provide the same dynamic mix of new titles, classics and diverse books that reflects the currents of change that are swirling through our world today. Literature is one of the ways people – and especially young people – can process experiences and turn them into growth.

Contact Lisa Dugan for more information and to schedule your book fair today!

In-School Book Fairs

This is our usual Book Fair. Children’s Book World will select titles and pack them in boxes, ready for pick up. The Book Fair Organizer is responsible for picking up and dropping off books; set-up, selling and collecting money.  

This option will allow your school to earn 20% cash back or 25% store credit.

Display Copy Book Fair

Children’s Book World will send 1 copy each of a selection of titles for display in your school. Students have the opportunity to view and create a list of titles they would like to order. The Book Fair Organizer is responsible for pick up and drop off of display books; set up and collecting money and orders; and pick up and distribution of student orders.

This option will allow your school to earn 20% cash back or 25% store credit.

Online with In-Store Pick Up

This Book Fair will be different than our in-school book fairs. To create an easier shopping experience, these book fairs will be tightly curated and provide a more focused assortment, but still include the diverse book selection you’ve come to expect from CBW. The Book Fair Organizer will be responsible for picking up the complete order for the school at Children’s Book World and distributing it to students.

This option will allow your school to earn 15% cash back or 20% store credit.

Online with Orders Shipped Direct to Home

This is the same Book Fair as listed above, except when ordering customers will provide a shipping address. Children’s Book World will ship the books directly to that address for a $5.00 flat-rate shipping charge. This option will allow your school to earn 10% cash back or 15% store credit.

Online Book Talk

Children’s Book World’s popular Book Talks highlighting the best new books of the season as well as a few don’t-miss classics can still be included as part of your book fair. There are many options available. To discuss, please email

Got an idea? Let us know!