Thursday, October 10, 7pm

Thursday, October 10, 2019, 7:00 pm
Explorer Academy: The Double Helix
National Geographic Explorer Academy Recruitment Day
Explorer Jennifer W. Lopez

The newest installment in National Geographic’s Explorer Academy series is The Double Helix. This is the third book in this series about the Explorer Academy, the coolest school on the planet, and the adventures of Cruz Coronado and his friends.

October 10th, Explorers will be spread out all over the world talking to kids and sharing their experiences… because these real-life Explorers were the source of inspiration behind this series!

Our Explorer is Jennifer W. Lopez, a technologist and data scientist who is driven to make the world better through technology and to help empower and motivate citizen science to help unravel secrets of the cosmos! As a founding member of NASA’s Datanaut Corps, she aims to inspire future engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs of all sorts who share a passion for learning and exploration.

Take a look at this super-cool video trailer about the Explorer Academy!

Explorer Academy: The Double Helix
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